Saturday, August 20, 2011

Deeper Conversations

To be grilled about love, life and everything else in between is something that I have to deal with whenever I hang out with the guys. Funny how it was only a while back when it was just us guys - no girls in the picture.

Conversation over Oreo McFlurry ended. The brain went into thinking-mode on our way back home. There's no room for distractions, I thought to myself. That night, in the middle of a dream that does not make sense, someone appeared and said two words:

"Thank you."

That face. And that smile. And then she went. And then Mama wakes me up for Sahur. The heart screams, "WHYYY?". Sigh.

I ate. Prayed. Read Surah Taha. I'm approximately 60 pages behind time. School assignments at the back of my head. Tutorials. Need to pack my bag. Her face. Her smile. Her thank you.

I smiled, and went to school.


Mutiara Bernilai said...


insyaAllah, moga di temukanNYA antara awak dan dia. :)

nway, selamat masuk gear 5, dah berada di hujung2 Ramadhan kan.. Moga Allah redha dgn kite semua, insyaAllah.

marzuki said...


If she's good for me in relation to my religion and my life, amin. If not, may Allah remove her from my subconcious mind. Indeed kita dah berada di hujung Ramadhan. Gear 5. (:

Semoga amalan yang kita buat di bulan ini diterimaNya. Semoga amalan yang kita buat di bulan ini akan kita teruskan di bulan-bulan yang mendatang.

".... Ya Tuhanku, berilah ampunan dan (berilah) rahmat, Engkaulah pemberi rahmat yang terbaik." (23:118)