Sunday, August 21, 2011

Things (always) happen for a reason

When your kids say things that make the past 22 years of life seem worthless, you'd cry. I don't think she made Mama cried but I sure did, somewhat. Perhaps it was a mixture of emotions from having watched 100 Hari on TV1. Perhaps it was because of the brain going into overdrive with questions such as:

Where could it have gone wrong? Why did she say that? Did she think when she say that? What have I done wrong? How does she aspect me to show my love?

And then the mind started to direct the questions towards me. The blame-yourself-before-you-blame-others mechanism must've triggered itself. Clearly I have not been the best of brothers. Far from able to fill in dad's shoes. That feeling of incompetence or lacking that little something must've made me shed tears enough to cleanse my whole face. Or maybe it was just His way of making experience the feeling of crying as I read the Quran....

23:1 Sungguh beruntung orang-orang yang beriman,
23:2 (yaitu) orang yang khusyuk dalam salatnya,
23:3 dan orang yang menjauhkan diri dari (perbuatan dan perkataan) yang tidak berguna

Whatever the reason may be, it's for everyone to reflect.

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