Sunday, November 13, 2011

Funny, she sounds like me

Studying for exams usually makes the brain dead. It kinda sucks the life out of life. You look at your lecture notes and past year papers, trying to understand and make sense of things. Repeated attempts does not make you smarter. Time run out. You sit for the exams. Life resumes when everything ends and ends as soon as your results are out. The cycle has been repeating for the past sixteen years. I, have not lived.

Anyway, Mum's wisdom. She says she talks to my brothers about things, that includes issues her friends are facing when dealing with children, to see how they react and respond. If their response is wise and mature, she's comforted. If their response isn't, then she'll try to educate/influence/persuade them into looking at the matter from different perspectives - like from the perspective of a mother, for example.

Funny, coz she sounds just like me.


Mutiara Bernilai said...


She sounds just like u
Its you that sounds just like her..


Anyway, saya selalu juga guna method mcm tu untuk adik2 n kwn2 sy.. :)

marzuki said...

hmm ... She sounds just like me. I think she must've learnt from me. Haha!

Or not.