Saturday, November 5, 2011

Breathing through blocked nose

It's been a week of late nights, presentations, meetings, report writing, rainy days, cold lecture halls and skipped meals. Now I can finally breathe easy **cues Blue's "Breathe Easy"** - through blocked nose, sorethroat, fever and headaches. Never drink Ice Blended Mango juice on a rainy night.

Exams in two weeks. Mama slipped and fell and hurt herself two days back. On Friday, she didn't get up to make us breakfast. But she's alright now. She tripped and fell at around the same place at the back of the house some weeks back. Two falls in the space of two weeks making me worried. Falls are bad especially at her age.

A friend's getting married next June. Another's getting engaged next month. wow. Time flies. We used to be kids playing pokemon cards and quarrel over silly little things.

When Im unwell, words dun quite flow. Feeling drowsy. Cough med starting to kick in. Sleep.

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