Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Past 10 Days

30th Nov, Wednesday:
It's 246am as I scribble this few words. I just watched Harry Potter 7 Part 2. Awesome.

29th Nov, Tuesday:
Bored at home, I went to school. To the lab and did some work for my final year project.

28th Nov, Monday:
I took my Final Theory Test. Hope to get my driving license by the time i start work.

27th Nov, Sunday:
Soccer in the morning. Visited grandma in the afternoon.

26th Nov, Saturday:
Stayed at home. United drew Newcastle. They're starting to annoy me.

25th Nov, Friday:
Solidwaste Management paper ends. Exams end!

24th Nov, Thursday:
Engineers and Society paper ends. A friend met with a road accident on his way to the paper. Alhamdulillah, he was alright.

23rd Nov, Wednesday:
Spent the day studying.

22nd Nov, Tuesday:
Traffic Engineering paper ends. Tough one. I hope I did enough.

21st Nov, Monday:
An hour before my first paper begin, I received an sms from my sister saying that she was on her way to Nyai's house from work. It was probably noon. Something didnt feel right so I switched my phone off. And sat for my exam.

At 4pm, I asked her what's wrong. And she said that our grandmother had been sleeping since morning and have not woken up. Everyone in the family was there. I prayed for the best. The doctor came. I reached just in time to follow her in the ambulance. Soon after, she was admitted. She was admitted for a couple of days. Now's she's fine, alhamdulillah.

Life. The past 10 days.

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