Sunday, December 28, 2008

Engagements and out of ideas...

The word engagement does seem to linger around the house as of late - be it friends or relatives. Almost got into a quarrel with the mother talking about the process of minang, tunang, nikah and whatever else there is that i hear about without knowing what's what. Seems like culture and tradition to her is like the basic computer know-how to me. Two different generations but I guess I'll look up the books of adat istiadat when the time comes -- though i prefer to learn the hard way even if it means making myself look like an idiot and the mother, otherwise.

One thing i realise is the existence of some conditions that have to be met before us children can even think of getting into something serious. Not that im having such thoughts, yet, but whatever she's been saying would definitely apply to us as well should the time come. It's pretty hard to put it down in words so to put it simply, I know what conditions i have to meet first and whoever i like must definitely be someone very patient and understanding.

It has been a while since i wrote something i could call my own aside from short comments and facebook status updates. Hate it when the creative juices stop flowing....

Till they start flowing..

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