Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Making decisions

Fun day today although something was definitely wrong with my aiming.

A conversation led to a thought to ponder about and it led to this for the night.

I remember the last few months before ord really starting to think about what i wanted to do with my life. Whether Civil Engineering is the way to go or whether i should listen to my heart and stuck with what i wanted. Or at least that's what i thought i wanted back then.

Deciding where to go was tough and it took a really really long time. Slightly over a year.

I remember wanting to do a degree in social work. I felt that i had enough of maths and sciences and that if i ever go higher in this field, I'll struggle. I didn't want to suffer anymore. And social work seemed like the easier option. The only problem was I didnt have the ability to see the future. I had to choose between two options which clearly leads to two totally different paths and I really needed to see the future.

So while i was still in National Service, I sent an email to a person whom I felt was the best individual that could help me make the right decision. 2 emails and plenty of sound advices from individuals --who cant see the future but can look back in time and have seen so much more -- made me where i am now. And now me looking back slightly over a year from now, Im glad i've made the right moves and seized the right opportunity.

I believe that when it comes to making important decisions, one has to consult one's council, seniors, resource people. In other words, I believe that it is best for one to be open to different views and opinions from different perspective. Cross reference everything with one's own research and ideas and then make that decision.

And that said, I guess looking back, I wouldnt have met the the individuals ive met had i hidden in my own shell. The shell's long gone. Perhaps there's the right time and the right place with the right people to do the right thing.

Perhaps there really is.


TheHoopoe said...

Indeed :)

Anonymous said...

I know its never easy making major decisions in life...very tough, very confusing, and yet very empowering and a journey to maturing...Insya Allah. I'm glad that u have people whom u trust and respect to hear you out and give their opinions on these difficult decisions. Nevertheless, Istikharah, asking for His Guidance and Direction always works best for me...Take care bro..

marzuki said...

It does feel empowering sometimes but sometimes i just feel as if i'd be better off not needing to make major decisions. To be free and easy.

But u immediately mentioned "and a journey to maturing"... something that's very true. But sometimes i just feel that i'd be better off not maturing ahead of the others coz it might make me see things from a much different perspective.

But i guess it's really a matter of time before we have to make major decisions in life. And yes asking for His guidance always works best for anyone...

... I met the right people at the right time... Alhamdulillah..

Thanks.. And take care too.