Monday, December 29, 2008

End of Semester One..

Results are out and though they aren't all that great, Im glad and grateful nonetheless.

When i first saw my results at the stroke of midnight, I analyzed them and had to do several calculations before deciding that i did ok. I had high hopes for computing but had to settle for a B and while i expected to flunk physics and maths, I'm glad i had Cs. An A in Effective Communication was the little cherry that topped my little ice cream.

Overall, Im happy considering that it could've been a lot worse. And after comparing my results with those who did better than me, I realize i could be alot happier had i done better. So that'll mean hard work in the coming semester.

And i'll have to remind myself that not getting the grades after putting in so much effort is not an excuse for not putting in as much effort in future. I just got to be more patient and just soldier on. One thing's for sure, all that effort simply means there's no regret over the things I should've done but I didn't.

Let success be a measure by your own standards. Don't be too concerned about others. But don't ignore them either. Instead, let them lead you as you continue to pursue your dream.

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