Monday, December 1, 2008

December's here!

December's arrived a little early.

Ran out of The Big Bang Theory episodes a couple of days back. And ive decided enough was enough. But i did catch 21 and Eagle Eye though and both were great movies! Could have watched Quantum of Solace and Madagascar 2 back to back but I decided to wait till Harry Potter shows up. Till then, ive got more important things to do.

Getting my next speech up seemed hard. Firstly, the brain's filled to the brim with music, tv and movies. And secondly, would a speech on saying no to slimming pills offend un-slim audience? And thirdly, is such a topic relevant for an audience who are generally slim?

Im trying to write something interesting and meaningful, logical and clear. My aim is to present a 5-7 minutes that is organized in a manner that leads the audience to a clearly defined goal.


Since December's already arrived, I must say that it's time to hit the books again. If we dont start early, how else can we beat the smart internationals? And even if we cant beat them, we can try to beat as many locals as possible right?

And it's also time to hit the gym. im so unfit right now and fitness wise, im not ready for Sunday's game. Aiming for that $400 offered by Ministry of Defence. Wonder if it's possible.

I shall sleep, hoping that fats will miraculously be gone by morning.

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