Monday, December 15, 2008

The short vacation

It has been a long time since i went on a holiday overseas. This not including the two trips to Taiwan while in the Army.

Clearly everyone isnt used to going on a trip without the dad. And the morning got off to a pretty bad start. It's back to whether the mother should try to understand her children or the other way round. Personally, i thought she was being unreasonable but after a while, from my other perspective, us children should be taught a lesson on punctuality and that's just her way of doing things.

In short, it's hard to understand what goes on in the minds of our mum and dad. And likewise, i guess it's hard to understand what goes on in the mind of young kids nowadays. So i'll stick to if u cant understand them, just follow them.

KL was all about food. The cakes from Secret Recipe was awesome! Burger Ramlees. The hotplate noodles. The mangoes and mango juices are lovely. Shopping was boring coz the package are more catered for the makcik-makciks. Petaling Street was great -- and mothers know how to bargain best! If only there's more time.

Went to Bukit Bintang at night and it really seems like Orchard Road -- with mats and minahs here and there. Didnt see much of Bukit Bintang though.... coz we were trying not to miss the last monorail.

More shopping at makcik-makciks place the day after at Nilai and Ayer Hitam and i was back home -- surprised that Man U didnt capitalise on the draws of Liverpool as well as Arsenal. Glad that Chelsea drew last night too!

All in all it's definitely better than home and tv. For $75, decent hotel and cheap food, it had been a great short vacation.

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TheHoopoe said...

Good that you had one :)