Saturday, August 8, 2009

Keep fit

A couple of days ago, I received a health advice from the unlikeliest of sources - dear Grandma.

Grandma's been bedridden for some years now due to stroke. And whenever i drop by for a visit, she tells me how sad she is to not be able to walk or do things like everyone else. She tells me how she hates having to just sit around on the bed and eat and sleep or being pushed on the wheel chair. She tells me how thin she is and i told her that's just because she refuses to eat anything but rice and veges and cereals and biscuits.

So i asked her why not eat meat and gain weight? Perhaps some delicious sambal chicken or mum's tantalizing beef rendang.

She told me this: If I were heavier, I would be a greater burden then I'm already am.

She told me that it would be more tiring to carry her from her bed to the wheelchair and from the wheelchair into the car, if they're bringing her anywhere.

At that very moment, it strucked me. While i was putting myself in her shoes thinking of all the wonderful food i'd like to enjoy given my condition and age, there she was thinking of the trouble she would cause if she was any heavier.

Perspectives change as we age. It's little things like the one above that makes us grow as a person. For me, I'll try to be a little less self-centered and a little more considerate......

..... and keep fit.


Anonymous said...

struck is already past tense, ali.

-your faithful reader.

marzuki said...

i wasnt sure at first. And then i googled. And when i saw the first few results, i decided to go with strucked. Seem nicer.

Thanks my faithful reader, for making me strive to minimize future grammar mistakes. (Funny how "strucked" wasnt underlined in red when i was typing.)