Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Magic and the Fantastic

The morning began with a quick cold bath followed by the usual prayers. Pablo prayed for a natural disaster to hit his school - as he does every morning - despite knowing that this prayer of his will never be answered. He then grabbed his dirty old school bag and proceeded to the garden for a quick breakfast with the sun, the cloud and the breeze.

"Good morning Pablo," greeted the sun and the cloud. The breeze blew a cool refreshing breeze across the garden.

"What's so good about the morning?" Asked Pablo. His mornings will never be good unless school's been cancelled due to heavy snow or massive landslide or violent typhoon or something to that effect. Problem is, such natural disasters had and will never happen in the country he's currently in.

"Havent you heard the wonderful news?" Asked the sun, surprised."Prince Charming had finally found the one whose feet fits the glass slipper and they lived happily ever after. Isnt that good news?"

"Really? Wow. Great. That's simply wonderful news. What a great morning! Thanks alot for making my day!"

Pablo then took a quick final sip of bitter black coffee, grabbed his dirty old school bag and walked briskly towards the school bus that reached seconds ago. It was then when Pablo saw a girl running towards the bus from a couple of houses away. He'd seen her around once but couldnt put a place to the face.

And as soon as Little Red Riding Hood boarded, the bus began to inch forward and Pablo prayed for the bus to take them to prison instead - even though he knew that such silly prayers will forever remain unanswered.


Pepper said...

Hey! Wow, I really enjoyed this post, it reminded me a lot of The Cloud & The Sandune.

In answer to your question, everything about the Princess is true as it happens, I prefer to write in the third person because it distances myself from it, and I can read it back to myself and almost review the situation as if it were someone else.

I look forward to reading more of your posts!

Love The Princess :) x

Pepper said...

Hehehe, you've neglected your blog far longer than I have :P

Hope all is well.

- Pepper. x

P.s I'm back :)

marzuki said...

Actually, Ive been consistently writing. Although I must say that my mind was coming up a million and one possible reasons for ur long silence.

Like one too many mails or comments. All is well thank you and glad ure back!