Monday, September 14, 2009

Looking forward looking back

"Of course, now I wonder where I had gotten the idea that for you to participate in a gathering, the other people had to really, really want you to be there and that anything short of rabid enthusiasm on their part meant you'd be a nuisance. Where had I gotten the idea that being a nuisance was that big a deal? Sometimes now I think of all the opportunities I didn't take...and of how refusal became a habit for me..."
-Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld

The old man... He regretted all the invitations he'd rejected.

He regretted thinking - despite the thinker that he was. He had chosen to dream - being the dreamer that he was. And when his journey in life feels as though its reaching its end, he saw a lonely wooden bench all alone that lonely cold morning. He knew exactly how lonely the bench was for that was exactly how he felt.

And as they watched the sun rise in the distant, he thought and dreamt for one last time:

If only God could grant me my final wish. I wish for Him to turn back time so that I do not grow old thinking and dreaming about things that I could have done but didnt. If he cant,then a little bit more of life would do just fine.


Duncan said...

Wow this is bizarre! I honestly don't mean to just plug my own blogs here but this is eerily similar to a poem I wrote ( I think we wrote about the exact same guy.

Anyway, I'm loving your blog. Do you not have a "follow" option (other than RSS feeds)?

marzuki said...

Haha. I dont think so.

My story ended with God granting the man his final wish. Time turned back. The old man's now turning 22 and having seen his future, he'll try to do and see things differently. To live life differently.

My old man will have a happy ending. (: