Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Of Love and Other Demons

What started as tricky first few pages splattered with many confusing and long names turned out to be a fascinating love story that I simply had to finish reading. Upon reaching my train station, I just had to sit and indulge in the final few pages of Sierva Maria's journey  before I embark on my own journey back home.

And despite not having that Taylor Swift ending every idealistic dreamer would have dreamed of, and despite Gabriel Garcia Marquez's portrayal of men as idiots (my personal opinion), I find the ending brilliant. It feels as though men (or most of them... or some of them... definitely not just one man) are idiots when it comes to love. 

Funny how this "feel" is coming from a man who had just read a book written by another man. And if my other feeling is right, then I have reasons to believe that Gabriel Garcia Marquez is an idiot .....

..... just like the man who could've taken Sierva Maria when he could but didn't - and when he wanted to, it was too late. 

..... just like the man who, for once, let Little Red Riding Hood slipped completely off his mind - and when he remembered, it was too late.  


Sarah Alaoui said...

I have yet to read a full work by Marquez. I HAVE to. thanks for reminding me to do so.

anisah said...

why do you think marquez might be an idiot? =D

and you know, if little red riding hood is meant to be with him, then she'll be there waiting for him whether he takes a straight path to her or the long way around...Allah s.w.t. knows best :)

marzuki said...

No problem. Thanks for dropping by (:

I drew a parallel between me and Marquez some entries back. I drew another line in this one. If u observe and draw a couple more lines parallel to me and Marquez, you'll find a point where the line intersect.

And therein you'll find the answer u seek.

PS: He's an idiot in a good way of course :) said...

Haha, now that I've read your last comment, this post does seem quite interesting.

Remember not to fall in love with the wrong personalities as it would blind you from caring about what personality matters more. Coming from my recent experience, I purposely had to let go even if it hurt- or else it would probably hurt a lot more if done later.

Love your blog, mashaAllah. I hardly see anymore good male Bloggers around. :)

marzuki said...

Thanks for the nicest compliment and advice, kind Sir.

My posts are generally rather uninteresting - unless one reads beyond what's written and critically interpret it. haha.

And like Marquez and Kafka, I blur the real and the magical.