Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mon nom est Amélie

Mon nom est Amélie. For the uninitiated, my name is Amélie.

Some say I'm a coward. Some say I'm not sociable. Raymond Dufayel told me that it's time for me to take some real risks. In simpler terms, to get a move on. But I see the world in a magical light, discovering minor miracles every day. I like to look for things no one else catches. I hate the way drivers never look at the road in old American movies. In such a dead world, I prefer to dream until I'm old enough to leave home.

But is it true? Is it true that the last thing I want is a reality check? Watch this space.


floreta said...

you really make me want to watch amelie again!

marzuki said...

watch it! And then perhaps, you can help me out with my essay on Amelie. haha! (:

floreta said...

oh?? what's it about (well, obviously, duh hahaha).. i love movie essays! i wrote one about Adaptation. i would love to help. srsly. haha.

marzuki said...

The question is:

Discuss the significance of NOSTALGIA in Amelie. In what ways is the film nostalgic? Why do you think the director has offered us this particular vision of the world, and what are some of the broader implications of the film's 'retro' tendencies?

A mouthful eh? My "Mon nom est Amelie" series of entries were somewhat my plan for my essay. For a start, I identify myself with Amelie very much - hence the title. Watching it brought nostalgic memories to my past and present way of life. Nostalgia was littered throughout the entire movie too. It felt as though the movie's made from contents of my blog. haha.

I would love to have an outside take on this assignment. A collaboration of different minds. I'll be writing another post entitled "Mon nom est Jean-Pierre Jeunet" pretty soon - to look at things from his eyes.

Looking forward to work with you for this short 1000 word essay. (: