Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mon nom est Amélie Part II

Mon nom est Amelie.

And I've got to admit that the last thing I want is a reality check. I live in a little world of my own - where simple things like dipping my hand into sacks of grain, cracking crème brûlée with a teaspoon and skipping stones across St. Martin's Canal really make my day. And not forgetting beautiful people and their smiles. Someone might remember my answer to a question posed to me by a teacher in class. She asked me, "What makes you happy?" After a quick thought and a smile, I said out loud for everyone to hear, "Seeing the smiles on my classmates faces makes me happy. Knowing that they're happy makes me happy."

I sort of became a secret matchmaker and guardian angel and Ive realized that I subtly leave an impact the lives of those around me with subtle manipulation. I escorted a blind man to the Metro station, giving him a rich description of the street scenes he passes. I managed to persuade my father to follow his dream of touring the world by stealing his garden gnome and having an air-hostess friend send pictures of it from all over the world. I managed to convince the unhappy concierge of my building that the husband who abandoned her had in fact sent her a final love letter just before his death.

Helping people makes me happy. But I've been thinking too much about the happiness of others that I forgot to be happy myself. So if I were to be on my way to school one day and cross path with a nice looking girl with a nice beautiful smile, never will I risk doing something/anything that might take my simple pleasure away.

However in the movie, I ended up stepping out of my comfort zone and had a pretty good ending. This is something I'll never understand. Things do not just work that way in real life. I need to have a word with the director of the film because now, someone I know have been reminded time and time again to do something about it - coz that's what Amelie did in the movie.

Mon nom est Amelie.

Perhaps in the movie, I went against the things that I will normally do. However in reality, I'll never do it for I'm afraid of losing one of life's simple pleasure. Perhaps too, I'm a coward. But perhaps too, I'm simply waiting for a sign... or two... or three...

I don't know.


Kelvin Oliver said...

Awesome post. I like the way you write. Sometimes I want to help others and then I forget to include myself. I don't know if that the character trait of mine or its just the way I believe we should be in life.

marzuki said...

I think it's both. I feel that it's just the way we believe we should be in life and as a result, it becomes a character trait.

And I find living with such a belief or ideals is akin to living in a little idealistic world of my own.