Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Run Lola Run

So what if one cant rewind and control time like Lola? What if time rewinds by itself? Week after week, he goes through roughly the same things - he meets the same people, goes to the same classes, sits at roughly the same places. The things taught, the places they cross paths or the clothes he wears may change, but the emotional setting remains.

Will he do something about it? Or will he wait till time stops rewinding itself so that he can then wish for time to rewind? He wants to talk to her.

The director ponders what his character should do when time rewinds itself once more for the 14th time.

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marzuki said...

Dear M of the past,

It's 27th March 2010 and I just wanna let you know that you've finally talked to her. She's a friend now.(: