Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Islamic World

HH205 The Islamic World: Tradition and Modernity

I never liked history at all. When I think "history", I think dates, events, places and individuals - the Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and ... (that's as far as I can remember). I may be a Muslim but I know very little about it's history and tradition. But for some reason, it seems like an appealing elective for me to consider.

What is modernization? What is tradition? Is the Islamic World that backward? Are we not keeping up with time? Is there really a need to modernize? If there's a need to, who defines modernity? Do we export western definitions and notions of modernity?

Forgive my barrage of questions. These are questions I hope will be answered during the duration of the elective. And I foresee spending lots of time researching and thinking about issues just like I did for my Introduction to Magical Realism module. Perhaps taking a history elective would help colour a dull engineering semester. I'm hoping I'm able to get it. So if there's anyone out there intending to drop it, do tell me!

To the sociologist in Amsterdam, here's hoping you will stick around and help (:


cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Is that me? :P

Wow, each one of those questions is a PhD dissertation topic! I would love to sit down for hours over tea talking about them...

marzuki said...

It's you WHEN u're back in Amsterdam.

And if we'll be sitting down for hours over tea, I'd prefer it do be in cool windy Amsterdam and not warm sunny Cairo. Haha!