Tuesday, January 19, 2010

There's only so much...

... that one can plan. Most of the time, we end up not getting those that we want. I'm talking about electives. Not her. But, maybe, hmmm.... perhaps. Wait. No. Not her. I wanted the Soci module, The Islamic World module or the Creative Writing module but ended up with the Singapore Architecture module. And by the time my appeal for the Soci module was approved, I was already falling for Architecture.

And had I been to the Studies in Malay Music audition instead of attending the Soci lecture, I would've been clearing 2 Unrestricted Electives this semester. But like I said, there's only so much one can plan. But (to loosely translate a Malay idiom), perhaps there's a prawn behind the big grey stone. A silver lining of sorts? Who knows.

I shall wrap up the hunt for electives forthwith and, ironically, plan ahead.

Since I'm left with an Arts PE and 2 UEs, my options shall be narrowed down to a Sociology or Film mod, Studies in Malay Music and Mind of Sun Tzu. Plans, there's only so much...

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