Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dear Diary,

I realized today that Sociology's my cup of tea. Some Lit too. Not History. Sociology of work seems awfully interesting and I love the sociological approach to things in general. So now I'm hoping someone drops HS815: Why We Work - How Work Shapes Our Lives.

On a totally separate note, my brothers have done ok for their O-Levels and are currently at the point where they have to decide which path they should take - the polytechnic route or the junior college route. One moment they're dead certain on going to poly and in another instance, they're thinking that perhaps the junior college route might be an option too. I tried my best not to influence them in any way into thinking that one route is better than the other. My sister, who took the poly route, balanced things out a little by giving her two cents worth. And somehow, I get the feeling that everything's been laid out pretty nicely on the table and the onus now is on my brothers to decide their own future.

One thing I learnt about my brothers is that they are as optimistic as I am. When I told them that only the top 5% of poly students go on to the University, they replied that it's ok. They'll beat the odds. (I don't remember being much of an optimist at their age) I also learnt that they are also looking ahead and thinking about going to the University too. It struck me too that one was considering taking Civil Engineering at the polytechnic and then perhaps end up to where I am now. I guess without me realizing, I have become some what of a role model that my brothers look up to. Despite my complains about them growing up too soon and all, I'm starting to realize that they're growing up to be just like ... me!

I've never pushed them hard to study for their O-Levels yet they manage to get pretty decent scores. One even ended up forth in the entire cohort! And to hear them say "If only I had scored a grade better for this and that" - priceless. Now i pray and hope that they'll come to a decision based on what they feel is best for them.

[This entry sounds more like what someone would write in a diary than on a blog but I don't care. Just this one time, I promise.]

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cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Sociology is amazing! You'll love it :)