Sunday, January 3, 2010

A tad too much

I woke up this morning from one too many dreams.

Chaos. Hostages. Suicide bomber. A freezing ocean. A yatch. A break dancing competition. Saw people from 3 years ago. A child burning a match. An old lady. I was running away. My shoes were dirty. My shoelaces were undone.

I woke up. The last thing I'd told my friend before I slept was "I need to sleep. My mind needs to stop thinking."

I believe my mind's overheating - the stories, writing and thinking about floorball, frisbee, soccer, the sweet distractions.

I then took a deep breath and slowly made my way back to the day when it all began.


Joemill said...

That's exactly the result of wanting to stop for awhile and drop everything. I've been there bro.

marzuki said...

haha! I hope the dream's temporary. yeah ure right. I feel like stopping for a while and drop everything.