Thursday, December 30, 2010

The heart knows

Things happen for a reason. There's no point rushing.

Some time back, I wanted to join a group that aims to help out the Primary 6 madrasah students in Singapore in preparation for their final-year examinations.

But time became a factor - school's too busy and that I needed time for studying. But then I realized hours of floorball managed to be squeezed into this recent semester's timetable so how could it be time? Money became a factor. I needed Saturday mornings to teach at least one kid so that there's some money going into my bank account. And then I realized that the more money I have, the more I tend to spend. Friends became a factor too. I didnt know anyone in APEX. There were a few guys though, but none whom I knew.

However, despite the excuses, one thing remained constant - I wanna help, one day.

A week ago, I saw a publicity ad regarding a mentoring workshop. No friends, I said. A few days later, an sms regarding a camp from a friend asking if I could bring another guy friend as facilitators and that another friend of mine will be there too. Just great. I'm trapped. But I immediately realized that this could be my way in. Fast forward to today, the heart tries and fails as he tries to think of a reason to not join APEX.

When asked why APEX Arabiah: "The heart knows."

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