Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Your elder brother is as good as dead.
The freedom you seek, take it.

Today, I question the role of the father, a mother, a brother and the child in the family. Is the parent and the child equal? Does being the father equates to automatic respect of the child? Does the child have the right to disrespect the elders? When does a child stops asking for permission? What right does a parent have to impose their decision on the child?

I gave it some thought and my arguments became circular. The breaking of a family unit, to me, is a calamity. I've always generalised that single-parent families tend to be problematic. While I do not intend to self-prophecise my generalisation, sometimes, some things are just beyond our control

No kind of calamity can occur, except by the leave of Allah: and if any one believes in Allah, (Allah) guides his heart (aright): for Allah knows all things. (64:11)

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