Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Blast from the Past #2

He's the only one who thinks that the reason why I'm less active on Facebook is because I've found a girlfriend and because of that, I ignore my close friends. What a way to break the monotony of studying! Girlfriend? Not ready yet. I hope I've made it clear to him that if I do end up with someone, I will inform him first, and then ignore him. HAH.

So it's been close to 11 years since I know the fella. Trust me, it's full of ups and downs. But it's not always that a friendship last for so long and still goes on strong. This coming exams do not look too good despite the fact that Im only sitting for 3 papers. Somewhere along the way, I mustve lost sight of my target. Perhaps it was complacency.

I'm stressed, yes. But for some reason, I just keep everything hidden and bottled up because negativity begets negativity and I do not want to affect the happiness of others. And not so strangely, I love listening to the problems and rants of others coz I know the moment everything is out of their system, they'll feel better. And when they feel better, I feel better knowing I helped somewhat. Not everyone has this in-built blackhole that destroys angst, negativity and everything in between.

The loner, never feels he is alone. Coz he knows there are people who care.

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