Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blast from the Past #3

Pokemon - Gotta catch em all! Until they added more and more Pocket monsters into the picture. The brain could only remember 151 names.

One word: Weird. Why am I not surprised that 10 years on, people still call me weird. Am I really that ... weird?

I guess 10 years ago, I was pretty much Mama's boy. When I chose to play soccer after school at the nearby basketball court, I made sure I left by 3pm. I made sure my uniform isnt too wet. I made sure I didnt overuse the "I had NCC meeting" excuse.

And I believe no one would have imagined me and Shris playing soccer on a weekly basis at the centre of midfield when we're 24.

Sigh a happy sigh. Those were the days. (:

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