Monday, May 23, 2011

If you're reading this ....

Please start learning how to respond and react accordingly to the people around you especially when they're your elders. Only when you demonstrate the ability to respond and react will you start seeing the people around you respond and react to you.

You can't have things your way. There's a way to get things going your way. And to pack up and leave is not the way. That's as good as you flushing the 22 years of heart, blood and sweat that your parents gave to raise you down the toilet.

Watch your words, in moments of anger. Words, when said can never be taken back. Think thrice before speaking your mind. The word sorry is depreciating in value, fast.

May Allah makes us all better parents and children.

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hafizhah said...

agrees with that.

words said in the moment of anger are the most hurtful and the hardest to forget.