Tuesday, July 19, 2011


"What's on your mind?"

I've always thought that it'll be cool to be able to read people's mind. To guess. To infer. To observe and attempt to piece clues or non-clues that seems, or made to seem like clues, together. Perhaps it was the influence of shows like PrisonBreak, Lie to Me, Numb3rs, The Mentalist, Criminal Minds and The Listener. It's entertaining - this thinking business.

However, years on, mind reading abilities are no longer required. People's mind can be read as soon as one logs into Facebook. Endless walls of thoughts - it kills my mind - reading the things that are on people's mind. Some thoughts should really stay as thoughts. Rants, frustrations and wishing that you and your ex were still together - thoughts such as these should be bottled up and kept locked up in a chest deeep within your chest.

Yeah, I know. Here I am scribbling my own thoughts and rants and feelings about other people's thoughts and rants and feelings. But here, I'm seeking the attention of few. Heck I might even be talking to myself without me, or you knowing. So it's different.

My point: I hate Facebook's Newsfeed. Minds arent meant to be read. Today, I change my favourite SuperHero ability from telekinesis to teleportation - unless I can control the thoughts I want to hear. Hmm.

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