Monday, July 4, 2011

I feel stupid ...

.. when I think about the things I think about. It confuses, frustrates and annoys me sometimes when the brain takes a trip down Reason Boulevard.

Q: Why do I think alot?
A: Because for someone like me, thinking is like talking to a friend. However, in this case, you're talking to yourself, quietly, in your mind. All because you prefer to be by yourself than with someone else.

Q: Why do you prefer to be with yourself?
A: I don't know. Genetics?

Q: It's easy to blame it on Genetics. What if it's not a genome thing?
A: I don't know. Perhaps it's written. Fate. Destined.

Q: Can you stop thinking - too much?
A: I can try. But when I do get all spontaneous, I make mistakes. I make a fool of myself. That, I do not want.

Q: Are you a Perfectionist?
A: I'm not. But I try to be as perfect as I can knowing all my imperfections.

Q: Why do you want to be "perfect"?
A: I don't know. Shouldn't we all strive to achieve perfection?


Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm just a random person whom u don't know.

Anw, I tink tt it's ok to tink alot, girls tink alot too, so don't ever think of yourself as weird cz everyone is unique and the world would be a boring place if everyone is the same. So cheers! And all the best in ur last yr in NTU :D

marzuki said...


Hello there! You're no random person. Nothing is random. Your existence and your life story have already been written before you even come to existence. Likewise, the leaving of your comment. It has all been written, somewhere.

So not-so-random-afterall person, thanks for dropping by and leaving such a cheery comment. I do agree about the unique part. Ive successfully convinced myself that I'm unique for quite some time now. Haha.

And weird can be read in the same light as unique too! I do think of myself as weird and I know of some others who think of themselves as weird, which is cool.

And thanks for the best wishes! All the best to you in this not-so-random-life.

In life, things always happen for a reason. (: