Monday, July 11, 2011


The twins are almost as tall as me. I thought they'd be turning 17 this December but to my surprise, they'll be 18. The horror. I was 18... like only a couple of years (or so) back. Sigh.

I remember them as the little kids I used to love, the kids whom I used to hug and kiss and say "I love you" anytime I want to every single day, only to be pushed away as soon as they were in the middle of secondary school. Space - I remember wanting my own space too when I was around that age.

I remember how they always talk to one another into the night when they were younger, when we used to share the same bedroom. Funny how up till today, they still talk to one another into the night about school, friends, soccer, anything. They sleep in the living room now. Space - I remember how space wasn't an issue when we were younger.

I remember being there at the hospital when the twins were born. Me and my sister chose one of two to look after. I remember me and my sister standing on one end with the room with the twins on the other end. We'd open our arms wide and see who the twins will run towards and hug.

A few days ago, Mama mentioned that the twins mentioned about pursuing higher education in Marine Engineering at an institute of higher learning in Netherlands. I do not remember them having dreams of pursuing higher education. I remember having hinted/psycho-ed them to work towards a degree but never have they responded positively. Work hard, I told them. I will support.

It strikes me as odd though, that like me, they're not really into the whole boy-girl relationship thingy. Which is a good thing coz Girls = Trouble (well generally it's true).

Tonight's post dedicated to them coz today's the first time in a long time that we went to school/work together. A short 5 minute walks to the train station can evoke many beautiful memories.(:

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