Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday, already

Time flies. Whatever happened to the dreamy thinker who used to pen every other thoughts down almost every other day.

Final year project has been very interesting and fun. And the best part about it is my partner is the guy whom I first made friends with when I was in my first year of university.

I remember sitting in Effective Communications class - the first tutorial I had. I didnt know anyone in class. And then a couple of minutes after class started, a guy came in and sat next to me. We talked. Who knew 4 years on, we'll be doing our final project together.

Fate. All it takes is the right person, at the right place. A smile and a "Hi, what's your name? I'm Ali. I don't know anyone here. Nice to meet you."

Anyways, my point is... it's Friday, already. Like how it's my final year, finally. Like how I'm turning 24 in a couple of days time, really.

Time flies. So tell me, where do you see yourself in four years time?

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