Sunday, September 18, 2011


This week is about relationships. Relationships between:

1. The cab driver and his passengers
2. The cab driver and his wife
3. The husband and the wife
4. The husband and the wife's family
5. The wife and the husband's family
6. The wife and the mother in-law
7. The wife and the cousins
8. The husband and the wife's cousins
9. The cousins and the aunt
10. Me and my lovely not-so-little-anymore brothers
11. The friend and her boyfriends
12. The friends and their girlfriends

When one gets married, one marries the entire family. So many hearts one have to take care of. Adopt the self before others attitude and marriage will be tough.

The cab driver shared with me what he shared with his daughter.He said old habits die hard. He said to look for someone without bad habits. He said not to waste time with someone who promises to kick out those bad habits. He said to give someone without bad habits a chance.

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