Friday, September 23, 2011

Haters gonna hate

I hate it when mama compares me with someone smarter than me. But it's okay when that someone(or someones) are my younger brothers. Pfft, back when we were younger, I used to be their benchmark.

I hate it when mama washes my bantal busuk. I get angry. But then she makes me a cup of hot milo. Mothers have their way of doing things. She could wash my pillow a thousand times over and I wouldn't get angry... until she decides to pick on me and my pillow again.

I hate it when I sit on the train and the guy next to me wreaks of alcohol. I get angry and irritated. I'll get up and walk away. It puzzles me why rage consumes me whenever it happens. Yes, rage. Try me.

I hate it when I order Double Cheeseburger without cheese and the burger comes to me WITH cheese EVEN THOUGH they stuck the "Special Order" sticker on the wrapping. But it's okay coz the cashier recognizes me now and knows what I want.

I hate it when people fill up their fries bag with those Cheese shaker powder thingy right in front of my face KNOWING that I so do not luurrve the smell of it. But it's okay, they're just testing my patience.

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