Friday, October 14, 2011

Date with the boys

Had another dinner date with the boys. And as always, we talked about the girls in my mind, or the lack of it, or not. They care. And are afraid that I might feel left out, or not.

I was consistent about the fact that I'm not ready but the part that got me stuck was the qualities I'd look out for in someone. The qualities that I gave were like flares trying to dodge a homing missile. Coz quite frankly, when I meet that someone, I'll know it and she'll know it and somehow, there's that chemistry.

And the rest will be unwritten.

And so I continue to dream, and pray. And irritate my friends. (Please dont stop asking me out for dinner.)


Mutiara Bernilai said...


Saat kamu memandang dia,
Dan dia memandang kamu,
Keduanya mengerti dan tahu 'Oh she/he is the one'..



marzuki said...

Hahah! Ideally, yes!

walaupun mereka berdua mengerti,
They looked away,
and went separate ways.

walaupun jalan mereka berbeza,
rasanya bagaikan jalan yang sama.

And untuk kali yang tak terkira,
Saat saya memandang dia,
Dan dia memandang saya,
Kami mengerti dan tahu:
'Oh dialah si dia'.