Monday, October 31, 2011


To show Mama that I love her, I'd do what she wants me to, to listen to her, to avoid what she dislikes, to talk to her when I can, to make her happy, to make her proud. To show my sister I love her, I'd nag at her, and argue about things, and saying things that frustrates her. To let my brothers know that I love them, I'd tell them that I sayang them, I'd ruffle their hair, try to make small talks with them, watch soccer with them, help wash their plates, and stuffs.

Love, you're complicated.


Mutiara Bernilai said...

Love isn't complicated. People are.

I do love my ma too, sebab itu kalau ma saya tak suka kpd lelaki yang suka, sy rela lepaskan dia, demi redha ma sy kpd sy,, hmm.

marzuki said...


jika ibu tidak suka kpd lelaki yang m suka, jgn lepaskan dia. tanya kepada ibu sbb-sbb mengapa ibu tidak suka. jika m rasa lelaki yang m suka seseorang yang boleh memimpin m ke syurga, pasti ibu akan dapat merasakan yang sama dan tidak akan menghalang. Like they always say, mums know best! haha.