Monday, October 17, 2011

One week hides another

One week hides another,
And another hides another,
Never will it end, never.

For the management project, my group that consisted of 9 other members managed to pull some last minute magic. And somehow, the prof seems keen and interested that he wanted us to work with him to build on the project - even though the project component is over. So, a job well done, despite all the frustrations and misunderstanding of working in sucha large group. For the design project that I'm working on, me and five others managed to come up with something despite us being back to square one just last Friday. For my communication project that involves 3 others, just brilliant. Discussion, preparation of slides, editing of slides, rehearsals. Everyone's just so co-operative it's very refreshing. And for my final year project, we may fight and quarrel like husband and wife, yet time spent at the lab with him is always fun. Maybe I should be less bossy and demanding and stubborn. I still am too serious. Still the no nonsense kinda person. All work no play makes Jack a dull boy.

I need to reward myself with donuts, ice cream, durian and chocolate cake.

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