Sunday, October 30, 2011

Privately Sociable

Trying out the new Blogger blogging interface. The layout makes me feels as though I'm writing an essay on Microsoft Word. Having been writing reports for assignments and scripts for presentations, blogging on this interface is giving me mixed feeling. I'm so gonna send Blogger a feedback.

There was a BBQ held in school a couple days back. Someone asked me if I'm going.

"No," I replied.


"I don't quite like social events."

"So you're anti-social?"

"No, I'm not. I'm just .... a private person."

"So you're conservative."

"Well, no ... I .. I'm just private."

And then I think about the things I write and share on this blog of mine and said to myself, "yeah right. A private person. A private person who spills his buckets of paints of thoughts on his white canvas of a blog like nobody's business. And I've been at it since three + two + two years equals to 7 years ago and it's still as fun and when I first began writing!"

Yeah I'm private alright. Openly private. Secretly sociable.

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