Friday, November 28, 2008

Planning the time table..

The planning of next semester's timetable can get pretty time consuming. Questions like should i try to free up my Mondays and Fridays? Should i try to be in the same class with this friend or with that friend or should i just make new friends?

Ive given it much thought and have decided to spread my days out -- considering that im more productive in school than at home. And the library and the old canteen A can be a pretty good place to meet people.

One of the electives that im looking at is photo imaging - principles of black and white photography. Non-examinable. Pretty technical. The only hard part: Whether there's a creative me in me.

Interactive public art and media seems fun too. But through blog searches, i think the mod's way too arty farty for me. Reading some write ups for some art projects, I really wonder what goes on inside the mind of an artist. They're like in a world of their own. That said, i still might want to give it a try: to just culture the arty side of me.

A week has passed. 4 weeks till school starts.

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