Friday, June 25, 2010

The Lingering Thought : Paperbag

So that was the question that entertained me during my hour-long train ride back home from work.

I believe I’ve said it a number of times before. I want to break that cycle but I’ll always find myself being a slave to that cycle. I’ve always held the view that people come and go. But a friend once told me that while it’s somewhat true, I shouldn’t hold on to that view tightly. I was gently advised that since I “know” that people will go, I shouldn’t simply allow them to go when ‘THE time’ comes. The friend reminded me that while people may come, and go, there are exceptions.

‘THE time’ is something undefinable. It comes whenever it feels like coming and when it does, there’s nothing much one can do about it except wish for things to be as they used to be. Sometimes, with some people, it’s easy to pick up from where we left off. But with most, for some undefinable reason, it’s hard.

That led me into thinking about the past, present and future that had/has a direct connection with the quote “We used to talk for hours and now it's like we never knew each other.” The first that came to mind were conversations both real and unreal, past and present - the way old conversations used to be and how they are right now. And of course, naturally, the new conversations. The final cabin in this short train (of thoughts) of mine was how I could prevent the present state of things from becoming like the past. In other words, try “break the cycle”.

After a brief moment of stupidity and incoherence, clarity settled in. I think I now know how I’m gonna break that cycle. But some things are better left unsaid – things like the specifics of how I’m gonna break that cycle. Haha. And then there are some things that you just need to get out of your system ....

...... even though you know you’re gonna end up with a paperbag moment. It's worth it.

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