Friday, June 25, 2010

The Lingering Thought

There's been a thought that's been lingering at the back of my mind these past couple of days. It's one of those thoughts that is almost impossible to put down in words coz I'm not sure what exactly I'm thinking about.

All I know is that I'm thinking of something, or many things at once.

It all started from one of those random things that people 'Like' on Facebook. A couple of months back, one of my friends liked something along the line of "We used to talk for hours and now it's like we never knew each other." It must've struck a chord somewhere within me coz I can't seem to shake the 'Like' away.

I hated that 'Like'. I hated it coz I thought friendships do not do sudden U-turns. However, over the years, I realized that for some weird reasons, they do. What I initially labelled an exception became two, and when a third and a forth appeared, I figured a trend was developing. I'm seeing a cycle. So the question now is, "Do I break that cycle or do I continue being a slave to that cycle?"

[...To be continued...]

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