Tuesday, June 1, 2010


"Somewhere there is another girl prettier than you, smarter than you, taller than you, skinnier than you. Another girl somewhere is more outgoing, more laid back, more interesting, more athletic. Another girl somewhere is not you. You may not be perfect, but someone someday will think you are. He will love you for each and every imperfection and flaw. He will wait all day just to see you and stay all night just to hold you. To him, you will be more than perfect, you’ll be the love of his life."

- Taken by a Blogger from a Livejournalist who took it from a Tumbler who reblogged it from another Tumbler who.... it'll never end.

Posts like the above never fails to put a smile on my face. The Livejournalist whom I copied the above from seems to be one full of hope and patience. She could be one who knows what she wants yet not go all out to get it. Every morning, she wakes up hoping a miracle would happen and that one day, insyaallah, she will meet the guy whom she's meant to be with. Idealistic individual I must say. She reminds me of me.

I'm looking outside my window right now as I let my thoughts settle down and I'm starting to realize that maybe just maybe, I'm attracted to individuals who do not try hard to impress. Individuals who live in their own little world with the own little group of friends. Individuals who are like me but not exactly like me. These individuals catch my attention. And I think I see that in my sweet distraction.

I do not think I am making the mistake of shutting everyone else out of my mind just because of one sweet distraction. Frankly, I think it's silly, but sweet. Idealistic individual I am. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. But even if it isn't, I still do pray for your safety and hope that all is well.

It has been 4 days since I last wrote. Besides the above, I'm thinking of learning the art of Silat. I'm inspired by what I saw during the IVP tournament over the weekend. So, let it be written that I'm daring myself to take up this challenge.

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