Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Quick Scribble

Only my 3rd day of work and I've had my first 8pm to 11pm sleep. My sister had hers yesterday and I nearly went, "What's so tiring about a simple office job?" I'm glad I didn't.

Why are you always back home so late? Doesn't work end at 530? These questions, however, I've asked countless times. I've always treated her answers with a slight tinge of doubt. Always. But today, I realize it's always easy to judge. One needs to put one's self in that person's shoes before judging. And what better way for me to wear my sister's shoes than to actually work in the same office as her - just for a month or so.

I've gotta admit that she reminds me of my dad. And in some parts, me. Maybe it's the monthly allowances that I've just received from her. Maybe it's because she leaves home for work at around the same time dad used to. Whatever the reason maybe, I'm happy and proud that my sister is turning out to be as capable and responsible as me. Haha!

And it's funny how timely this realization is. I just realised we're days away from Father's Day. You know, somewhere, somehow, I'm pretty sure he's happy and proud of you too. (:

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