Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Destined Choices

Some lives are linked across time.

It's interesting to see the lives that are linked with mine as I sail across the sea called Time. These lives that intertwine with mine - I wonder if Destiny or Choice played the part. At times, I tell myself that it's choice. With the mouse in hand, I can choose whether to click "Send Request" to add individual X as friend. I can also decide when I want to add or I can even not add. At times, I'd like to think I'm in control.

However, things are never in my control. I can choose to add someone as a friend but there's always a probability that it might be rejected. I can pick the best words to write on someone's wall yet how the person reacts to it remains out of my control. I can choose to say Hey! to someone yet whether or not he or she replies is another story altogether. Things will never be in my control.

Some lives are linked across time. These lives, they're destined to be linked. I think. Like how I was destined to go 7 days without writing anything.


Anonymous said...

macam prince of persia je.

marzuki said...

I only knew it was from Prince of Persia after i wrote it. I got the quote "Some lives are linked across time" from a friend's FB status update. haha.

Mutiara Bernilai said...


truly agreed!

marzuki said...

Haha! (: