Friday, July 4, 2008

Seminal Advice from Yemen

Sidi Khalil Moore recently made me aware of a very beneficial document that has been posted in the articles section of the Guidance Media website. This Seminal Advice by Habib Umar bin Haffiz, a scholar and exponent of Classical Islam and Director of the Dar al-Mustafa in Yemen, contains eleven inspiring and wise recommendations to Muslims living in the West:

1. Carefully study the Sirah;
2. Develop strong certainty;
3. Display rapport & composure;
4. Devote yourself to remembrance;
5. Be not affected;
6. Have firm resolve;
7. Focus on Divine acceptance;
8. Look after your family;
9. Make your goal Allah;
10. Respect all scholars & show graciousness to humanity;
11. Fervently ask for forgiveness.

All of these points are expounded upon with superb clarity in the actual article [349 KB Adobe Acrobat file], which has been elegantly translated by Sidi Khalil. I pray that all Muslims in the West read and benefit from these wise words.

From courtesy of Sheikh Google Search


14-14.5 said...

Thank you for the summary. May we all benefit from it.

But Sidi also said that these points applies to us universally - and the difference between "them" in the West and "us" in the East is not that great in reality :)

14 said...

Subhan-Allah, I sent Sidi off at the airport and just got home. It was a sad moment for most of us, but if you like - there is a confirmed promise for him to be back with his teacher, Habib Umar in Singapore in Muharram.