Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Do you have a facebook?

The third day of my rest day and ive not been out of my house since day 1 - except for a short run, and for tuition upstairs. Ive been spending the bulk of the time in my room and in front of the television. I used to wonder how some people can cry watching the Oprah show and now i know why.

Anyways, my point is, why is it that i dun feel bored being at home for 3 days? I know of some people who'll die of boredom if sentenced to 3 days confinement at home. 2 days of doing nothing is more than enough time wasted.

Technically it's not really wasted coz i feel totally at peace. Weather's been pretty cool lately that i feel like im on Cameron Highlands.

Think its finally time for me to try and do something constructive.
Though i dun think launching my own facebook account falls under that category =)

1 comment:

Sakura Buffet said...

it is to me ... and dude, that profile is not even half as good-looking as me!