Saturday, September 13, 2008

Analyzing a reply letter

Analyzing a reply letter of a government agency to be exact.

To explain why the text was effective or ineffective. A relatively easy choice for my group communication assignment as reply letters from government agencies should be quite effective, or are they?

How appropriate is the use of language, sentence structure, grammatical patterns and choice of words? How has the content been organized? Does it help or confuse readers? Does it address all the issues raised in the original letter or do they go completely off track and talk about something else instead?

"It has been a perennial peeve among contributors to the readers' pages of newspapers here that the official machinery's responses tend to be bureaucratic if not brusque, and dismissive if not arrogant."

But "there is little doubt that the face of Government in the readers' pages is friendlier and its voice gentler." So has it really become friendlier and gentler?

Hopefully we'll manage to analyze the letter well and do enough to score an A+.

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TheHoopoe said...

Hmm ... you should have a privileged background experience - having seen me reply letters every freaking day when we were THERE!