Monday, September 1, 2008

Understanding your child, understanding your parents....

What if for some unexplainable reason you find out that your late dad wants you to look after your sister carefully. And when you ask Melinda Gordon from Ghost Whisperer was there anything else that he said, she tells you to just look after your sister carefully. What would you do? What would you do knowing that she's one heck of a kid to handle that the only guy she was afraid of was dad?

What if you found out that your dad told Melinda to tell your mum to look after you carefully. Knowing how stubborn you are, would you take heed and start listening to them? Change? Or would u just choose not to believe all the Ghost Whisperer nonsense and carry on as you always do?

It's hard to see what goes on in the mind of normal teenagers. Why they cant see things the way i see things.... Or should i learn to see things the way they see things. Communication is easy to say on paper but really, i have a feeling it's hard to communicate with your children especially when the culture does not exist in the first place.
All this shouldn't really be my problem. I should be happily studying and not worry about stuffs.

But circumstances changes whatever ideal plans one may have. One just gotta keep adapting to changes and move on. I just pray for all teens to really try to understand all the pain and struggles that their parents had to go through to raise them well. Understand them, not the other way round. It's no use regretting not listening only when they're gone. And try hard not to disappoint them.

And should you be around the house watching over us, do help.

May everyone strive to make this blessed month of Ramadhan the best one yet, insyaallah.

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