Wednesday, September 10, 2008


This past 24hours, I've heard the word Masters four times.

I spoke to a guy who's in his last semester who plans to do his Masters.

Another one of the guys who wasat TM gave an intro about himself yesterday night and it did quite move me. He's already graduated and got his Masters (Im not sure the way to write it) and he's only 26. He's Malaysian and shared that when he was six, he went to a school that taught in Malay and the only language he could speak then was Hokkien.

And no he doesnt have rich parents who gave him tuition when he was just in kindergarten. His short intro really did inspyre me to really work hard and achieve something. And not whine about problems after problems.

An Indian student, whom I think is doing her Masters programme, shared how she picked herself up after falling from first to last in class and the importance of not giving up to climb back up.

And the fourth time i heard the word Masters was today on the way to school. I was talking to a friend of mine and when i asked her what she plans to do once she graduates, she said if possible, she wants to do her masters. And she did say that one has got to get first class honours in order to do so.

I wont say what my aims are. But I'll work hard for the lady who waits for me at the door on days i reach home late at night, despite me telling her not to.

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TheHoopoe said...

and you forgot ... the one in Boulder who inspires you :)