Friday, September 5, 2008

Week 5

Past 3 nights had been long ones. I was knocked out by 9.30. Think that's more than enough rest to make up for all the late nights since school started 5 weeks ago.

How time really flies. Week five already ended and ive got another ten weeks before the first big one. A friend asked what would be the GPA i think i would get at the end of this first semester. I modestly replied 3.8 coz anything above 4 would be seen as over confidence and saying anything less than a 3.5 would be seen as setting a target that's a bit too low. Aim for the sky and you would touch the clouds, aim for the moon and you could touch the stars.... erm, something to that effect.

Had our first quiz for maths which had two questions to be done in 15minutes. Managed to do just one and ive got to say that both are easy questions. Easy questions for those who had prepared well for the test. I'd say there's lots to do. I was surprised when the viet guy, who didnt know there was a quiz as he was absent the previous week, managed to do both questions with ease!

I'm feeling a little worried -- worried coz I'm not as worried as i would have been back in JC. I seem to be taking things well, or am I? I love my computing and econs. I know my weakest is Physics and i' have helped myself by looking for help. Maths and chesmistry are quite manageable -- but ive gotta spend that extra few hours on it. 10 more weeks, i believe i should be able to turn things around.

Btw, 4 minutes may seem like a short time but it's taking me forever to make that four minutes a good one.

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