Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Recess Week...

Settled my lab report and am almost done with my group essay. I must say it's pretty fun to write but considering having so many things to do, I'll set aside writing my version of Love and Sacrifice to some other day in the distant future. Haha...

Now i wonder how i should go about spending the rest of the week now that the only datelines that I have to meet are:

12th November: Maths (9am-1130am), Economics (5pm-7pm)
17th November: Computing(9am-1130am)
19th November: Physics (9am-1130am)
21st November: Chemistry(9am-1130am)

50 days ..... To the first two acid test.
59 days to a nice vacation: I'll do my best to make it a well deserved and regret-free one.

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TheHoopoe said...

Your version of Love & Sacrifice?
Whatever it is, remember the original one is copyrighted ... it can only serve as a guide ... as i am, always :)