Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Been a long day, but...

Long tiring day. Much more to be done but this post shall be nothing about school.

It's about how even two parallel lines can one day meet. Ive been using this quote ever since the night i watched the movie "Turn left, Turn right".

It's been 3 months since two parallel lines met. Usually, if a line sees another line whom it kind of liked, it would take the first step by slanting towards the other line. Whether both lines intersect or not is another story altogether. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

But there are some lines who seem to confuse fairy tales as well as the reel world with the real world. And when such lines happen to meet some other nice line during their long journey, they would still remain parallel -- but silently wishing how nice it would be if two parallel lines could meet.

And sometimes, like in the fairy tales, wishes do come true! :)

And there's a line somewhere silently wishing for two parallel lines to meet more than just once. If it can meet once, why not a couple more time? You know, each line travels by itself on a seemingly neverending journey. It can get pretty boring sometimes.

So if two lines are parallel, heading towards the same direction, wouldnt it be nice journey together side by side?


TheHoopoe said...

Dreams do come true :)

marzuki said...

I hope it does!

farhanah said...

Are u talking abt a girl,mamat?

Hahah :)

Good luck!